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Dolmabahce Clock Tower
Native name: Dolmabahce Saat Kulesi Dolmabahce Clock Tower can be seen in front of the monumental entrance gates of Dolmabahce Palace. Sultan Abdulhamit II (1876-1909) had this tower built between 1890-94 by the Turkish court architect Sarkis Balyan. The tower is built in Ottoman neo-baroque style and reflects the architectural style of the adjacent palace. The four-story tower rises 30 meters high with a basement measuring 8,5m by 8,5m. The sides of the windows on the ground and first floors are enriched by double columns, while on the third and fourth floors columns leave their places to pilasters. On the enterance floor, there are barometers inside the archways of doors and windows. The clock of the tower was manufactured by the French clockmaker house of Jean-Paul Garnier, and was installed by the court clock master Johann Mayer. In 1979, the mechanical clock was converted to an electrical one.